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My name is Rick,

I'm the owner of DisplayitCases.com and creator of the one-of-a-kind “Diamond” and “Heirloom” flag cases.  I have been hand crafting every flag case and Custom Display Cases for over 22 years.  

No assembly line, just high quality craftsmanship made in the U.S.A.  Each "Heirloom" flag case takes 9 pieces jointed together and the "Diamond" flag case takes 15 pieces jointed together.  


For the “Diamond” Flag Case you choose the color of felt for the area below the flag, that is used to display medals, tags, pins, shells, ribbons, photos or other items. 

All flag cases come with engraved brass plate(s) and one or two 1.5" military medallions recessed into the front frame.

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I wanted to thank you for the flag case. The craftsmanship you put into this shows me you care not only about your customers, but that every piece you create is in fact a piece of art. The tight tolerances you cut your wood are amazing! The care you take in ensuring it arrived in one piece was awesome!

I want to Thank you for giving me something we will cherish in the memory of my Great Aunt!

Blessings, Matthew

Hi Rick,


I just wanted to pass along kudos on your woodworking skills.  Last week I received the walnut Heirloom flag case for my dad’s casket flag, and couldn’t be more pleased.


Dad was a Seabee during World War 2, and a federal judge for over 40 years, so he deserved something special and unique.  As a cabinet builder and trim carpenter for 30 years, I had wanted to make the case myself, but since I’m in the process of packing everything for a move to Colorado, I decided to let you provide the expertise, and that you did.  Every detail of the case is literally perfect, which is difficult to achieve with wood do to the fact that wood is inherently not perfect.


Your dad would be proud of your workmanship as I know that my dad would be proud to have his memory honored in a special way.


Thank you for honoring our veterans, and for providing the opportunity for me to honor my dad.


Best wishes,

Rick Harper in Charlotte NC…for at least a while longer  : -)

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"Heirloom" Flag Display Case

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