6 Brothers in the Military

The USS Toledo (CA-133) in 1951 in San Francisco.  

My dad was one of the Plank Owners on this ship.  

On 6 January 1947, the heavy cruiser got underway for a two-month training cruise in the waters of the West Indies.

My Dad and four of his brothers served in the armed forces.  At one point, all five of them were in the military at the same time.

 Seven Brothers  

They are all gone now but not forgotten!

Joel A. Carpenter

November 7, 1919 - August 16, 2004

Wilfred W. Carpenter

March 15, 1921 - January 18, 2002

Ray D. Carpenter

November 6, 1922 - March 15, 2006

Arthur D. Carpenter

April 24, 1924 - January 14, 2005


Alvin G. Carpenter

August 14, 1926 - August 1, 2000


Clarence D. Carpenter

April 25, 1928 - January 28, 2008


Norman H. Carpenter

November 30, 1929 - August 13, 1997

I'm very proud of my Dad and my Uncles, and  it's my honor to create Memorial Flag Cases for all who served. 


My Uncle Alvin fought in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge.  He was in the 42nd Infantry Division (Rainbow) and was also a German  interpreter.  I'm holding Alvin's memorial flag case with his medals and a photo of him inside the case.

My Uncle Alvin Carpenter fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  42nd INF. RAINBOW DIV. 

I miss you Dad !

In 1997 I was asked to make a simple triangle flag case for burial flags, but I wanted to create a work of art that was worthy of the men and women who served our country.  So I started drawing designs and combining the burial flag with the service awards, photos, shell casings, dog tags etc.  So after about 20 designs, I came up with the Diamond and Heirloom Flag Cases and the rest is History. 


That year my Dad started helping me cut pieces and do some sanding on the flag cases.  

He was helping me with the flag cases until he passed away.  I miss him and think of him often, especially when I am creating flag cases.  

He will always be with me when I create flag cases, in my memories and my heart.

This website is dedicated to my Dad, Clarence “Carp” Carpenter.



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