Wood & Acrylic Display Cases

Jersey Display Case 36" x 26" x  1.5"

Sail Boat Display 36" x 26" x 8"

USS Melvin DD 680 Destroyer - Display Case 43" x 21" x 11"

Star Trek Enterprise NCC 1701 D - the ship is 27" long x 20" wide. 

The display case is 43" tall and a 37" Octangle display area.  The display also has LED lighting, acrylic mirror bottom and acrylic display windows for safety, instead of glass.  

Gas Pump Display Case is 7' 7'' tall.  The display area is 4' 7'' high x 17'' wide x 7.25" deep and has locking doors, front and (back optional).  The display area has acrylic instead of glass for safety reasons. 

The base has stained glass with lighting.  The top of the display area and Globe also have lighting.

Life Size Yoda - 24 " Tall



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